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Drip drip drop!

IV Vitamin Drips

What are IV Drips?

IV stands for “intravenous” meaning “within a vein” in Latin. It refers to delivering medicine, fluids or nutrients straight into the bloodstream via a vein. This allows for more consistent, immediate and accurate delivery of any formulation needed.

There are many formulations (or cocktails) of nutrients and supplements that can be. delivered to the body through IV. Our team will be able to advise on which formulation would benefit you best. 

The results include feeling more refreshed and energised, often within a few hours, as well as experiencing an ongoing boost in your energy, skin health, immune response (depending on the treatment received) over a number of days.


How do IV Drips work?

When you have IV Nutrition Therapy, first a small plastic tube called a catheter is placed directly into your vein via a needle. We use a numbing spray to make this comfortable for you.
Once your vein has been accessed, the needle is removed but the catheter stays in place for the duration of the treatment (about 30 to 60 minutes).
The catheter is attached to a single-use clear bag that contains your chosen IV infusion (a saline-based electrolyte solution containing a combination of vitamins and nutrients). This moves slowly through the catheter into your vein, directly into your bloodstream.
Once the infusion is complete, the catheter is removed and you can go on with your day!

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