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Dr Victoria Sampson

BDS (Lond) MFDS RCS Ed Pg Dip

Functional Dentist

Dr Victoria Sampson obtained her Bachelor in Dental Surgery from Barts and the London. She is now known for her work in developing salivary diagnostics, microbiome testing and incorporating artificial intelligence into every day care. Her work has been acknowledged worldwide resulting in her becoming a scientific advisor, board member and clinical lead of multiple dental companies globally.  


Victoria has been at the forefront of change in dentistry, by undertaking research projects in multiple fields of dentistry and taking a special interest in the relationship between the mouth and the body. She has published numerous papers both in the UK and internationally, with her most recent publication in the British Dental Journal being the most cited and viewed article ever published. Most recently, Victoria was shortlisted as one of the most promising young scientists in Europe for the Forbes 30 under 30 in Science and Healthcare 2022 for her efforts and devotion to healthcare. She is the first dentist to ever shortlist for Forbes.

Victoria is now known for being one of the leaders in preventative and holistic dentistry, lecturing globally on the topic. Victoria has been recognised for her achievements by winning numerous awards in the past 5 years including Best Young Dentist by the British Endodontic Society and ranking in the top 50 most influential dentists in the UK.


Anyone who knows Victoria will know that Victoria loves two things; salivary diagnostics and music. In her spare time Victoria DJ's and creates playlists. She has over 15 playlists she plays for her patients to enhance their dental experience in her chair.

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