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Ms Jo Gamble


Nutritional Therapist & Functional Medicine Practitioner & Fellow in Integrative Oncology

Jo Gamble trained as a Nutritional therapist after her now 21 year old daughter was diagnosed with her first auto-immune disease at just 19 months old and by 3 she was being treated with chemotherapy.  Jo went on the biggest mission of her life to turn her daughter’s health around, to find out why and to challenge the medical system who kept telling her that food didn’t make a difference.  


Jo’s hunger for knowledge and passion to make a difference drove her to become the UK’s first Functional Medicine Practitioner in 2013.  Giving her the much needed skills to dig down deep and find out WHY? 


In 2013 Jo also graduated with a Fellowship in Integrative Oncology from the American Board of Anti Aging Medicine and then went on to Graduate as a Metabolic Approach to Cancer Practitioner under Dr Nasha Winters, Jo uses this combined qualification and has more than 10 years experience in supporting those on their Cancer journey.  


Jo’s skills allow her to work with the most complex of clients, who have potentially spent years trying to navigate the healthcare system, to manage complex symptoms and support multiple disease from Auto Immunity to Cancer, from Infertility to chronic fatigue and chronic pain to gut symptoms and way beyond.   Jo digs and digs until she has the answers she needs to put the piece of the puzzle together.  


Jo has more than 15 years experience lecturing internationally in Nutrition, Functional Medicine, Genomics, Epigenetics and Oncology.  


Jo uses functional testing, genomic testing and a deep dive to start her journey, she then travels on a journey with her clients to support them to achieve their health goals.

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